Missing Chapters (Podcast)

Hank Wiedel
Hank is a talent buyer for the event production company Mammoth, drums in the local indie band Captiva, started up a Kansas City chapter of Sofar Sounds AND if that wasn't enough, runs a boutique Public Relations firm.

Gabe Fry
Gabe Fry owns and operates Kimura Recordings based out of Lee Summit, MO. We dive deep into conversation about audio engineering, band promotion and Gabe uncovers the #MissingChapters on how he gets a larger than life sound on this audio recordings.

Shadow Rabbits
When a creative project starts off down one path, and then effortlessly leads into another. It's as though there is some outwardly based force at work gently guiding us through the journey called life. This was the main topic of discussion when I sat down with Jon and Ashley, how did the creative project titled Shadow Rabbits come to be?

Tee Dubya
If you’re into streetwear and entrepreneurship, then this episode is for you. My guest on this episode is a self-made entrepreneur in the streetwear scene, Tee Dubya. He’s the owner of GUM clothing, co-owner of The Loop KC, books a lot of hip-hop shows and battles, and is getting into the fresh juice business.

Jamie Searle
"Does music theory help or hinder the songwriting process?" This is a frequent conversation I get into with musicians. So who better to talk to than an expert in this field like Mr. Jamie Searle. Jamie is a composer in residence at Fountain City Frequency, a songwriter, a producer, a vocalist and native guitarist who fronts the group My Brothers & Sisters.

Max Frankel
Max Frankel is an improvisational coach and performer for The KC Improv Company. If you've been toying with the idea, or if the thought of engaging in this art form hasn't yet crossed your mind, hopefully my discussion with Max will help you take a leap into the crazy, yet extremely fun world of improvisation.

Via Luna
Via Luna are an instrumental rock quartet from Kansas City. Securing a spot on the Reddit Official Listen To This Best of list in the Progressive/Math-rock category, they are quite the force to be reckoned with.

I sat down with the group to talk about the rise and fall (and currently on the rise) of the Kansas City metal and hardcore scene, as well what draw them to this style of music.



The Record Machine Hip Hop Hour

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Indie MOODment (College Radio)

--Episode #44--
Among all of the great independent music and the events calendar for the weekend, I shine some light one three new web services that I recently came across, which I thought you would all find interesting: Landr, Gigtown & Ditto's "Record Label in a Box".
--Episode #43--
My guest on this episode is Colin Halliburton, who is the singer and songwriter for the Lawrence rock/folk/country act The Roseline. We discuss the record, his songwriting approach, publishing and also chat about an interesting topic I recently read regarding blogs and a new approach they may be taking when it comes to premiering new songs to their readers.
--Episode #42--
During the show, we discuss the weekend's events going on around KC and Lawrence, and I talk about the up side and down side of releasing and EP over an LP, and then flip the script and jump on the other side of the discussion. #indecisive
--Episode #41--
My special guests on this show come from the local record label The Record Machine. Steven Ervay (Social Media Director) and Anna Selle (Marketing Manager) join me to discuss how they got started at the label, what a typical day at the office looks like for them, their recent trip to SXSW and what 2016 has in store for TRM. They're both fantastic individuals and we had a lot of fun chatting!
--Episode #40-- 
On this show, I pack it full of amazing music (some of it being instrumental) and I go on a short, but interesting rant about if creative personalities tend to have addictive personalities. Oh right, and we also talk about what is going down around town over the weekend.
--Episode #39--
On this episode of Indie MOODment, I sit down with Mrs. Sarah Bradshaw, who is the Music Director at The Bridge which has the FM dial 90.9. They are a community funded radio station which allows them to really focus in on all things music and contribute to the amazing arts and entertainment scene in Kansas City. Sarah is a lovely individual and I had a lot of fun talking with her about how she got into radio, what her role as the music director entails and how the programming works at the Bridge, her thoughts on the future of radio, and we get to hear songs from artists that ushered in her love for Indie Rock.
--Episode #38--
I jam pack this episode full of amazing independent music, I let you know what is going on over the weekend and on top of all that...we talk about a little event on April 19th called Record Store Day. I try to shed some light on the event from both a historical, industry and personal point of view. #RSD2016
--Episode #37--
During this episode, I am joined in the studio by Aaron Rhodes who runs Shuttlecock Magazine. Aaron is a 19 year-old community college student and amateur journalist/photographer/rock-n-roll frontman from Overland Park, Kansas. We talk about a lot of fun things like how he creates content for his blog, how to frame up a good live photo, and how he has developed his musical tastes throughout the years.
--Episode #36--
In this episode, I let the music do the talking...for the most part. There is an article I recently was sent by a friend called "Touring Can't Save Musicians in the Age of Spotify" and although the title of the article isn't representative of the content addressed in the article, I chime in with my two cents about the importance of touring...especially in the age of Spotify. #touringrant
--Episode #35--
On this episode of Indie MOODment, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brenton Cook who owns the local record label Haymaker Records. During the show, we chat about what went into putting on Be/Non's record release party at a Masonic Temple, the history of the label, streaming music, KC Psychfest and independent record labels. #misfitisland